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The Fancy Brick Series is a brick winder system available in 7 colours. This Boxy Watch Winder comes with multiple conductivity features allowing you to stack up to 3 high and operate independently with only one A/C adapter connected to the bottom unit. It is also equipped with touch screen power activation.

Model - FBWS

Product Size

9.80 (W) x 14.00 (D) x 11.30 (H) cm (3.9 in. x 5.5 in. x 4.4 in.)

Product Description

 - Touch screen power sensor.
 - Shiny Finish with anti-scratches / anti-etch plastic surface treatment.
 - 15 x TPD Settings: From 650~3,600.
 - 3 x Winding Modes: *Clockwise *Automatic Bidirectional *Counterclockwise
 - Mechanism: Light Sensor controls the accuracy of TPD & power sensor.
 - Motor: MABUCHI made with improved Belt Driving System, silent and long lasting.
 - Available in Black, Blue, Green, Iron Grey, Red, Tan and White.

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